About Us

Page My Cell is an independently owned LLC based in Beatrice, Nebraska. We are not owned by a large parent company and this allows us to better serve our customers. When you contact us with ideas, complaints, or conversation you are speaking directly with the owners of the company.

The system was initially designed in 2012 to solve a common problem in the fire service, and that was reduced reception on pagers after narrowbanding. The idea was to send dispatch audio to cell phones via text message. And after several months of development, it worked!

Soon neighboring departments were interested in the product and in 2013 Page My Cell, LLC was formed. As of January 2018, we now have nearly 8,000 responders using our service.

We started with a simple solution to a common problem and we'll continue to find simple, reliable, and efficient ways to give our customers a better product.

At Page My Cell, we like to "Keep It Simple".

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