Android App

Our app is once again available in the Google Play Store.

Click here to download directly from the Play Store.

Desktop Version of Status Board

This software may be loaded on any Windows machine and can be displayed on any high resolution monitor or television.

A common use of this is to display it on a large television screen in an apparatus bay of a fire station. We have heard of some customers who install this in dispatch centers to give dispatchers a better situational awareness what kind of response to expect.

The large display has three (3) distinctive areas. The left half of the screen showcases the status of personnel. The upper right portion will display a summary of all statuses. The lower right displays current and forecasted weather conditions for your location.

This is free for all of our customers to use. Simply download, install, and login using your administrator or super user credentials.

Coming Soon -- Broadcast Software

Page My Cell Broadcast Software will allow you to broadcast additional frequencies/channels to our servers to be listened to within our app via the Listen Live function.

There is no cost to utilize this software. However you must contact Page My Cell to obtain your free license number to unlock the software.

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