Emergency Dispatches Sent To Your Phone

Our computer and scanner listen to your frequency 24 hours a day. When your departments tones are detected it begins recording. Once the recording is finished, the audio file is sent to our servers, where it is sent on to the recipients you have selected.

Those recipients can choose to receive the alerts as an audio text message (MMS text message with audio attached) or in the form of a push notification to our mobile app. No human intervention is required to send the alerts, it is 100 percent automated.

If your CAD system is capable, we can also send CAD information via text message or directly into our mobile apps.

See Which Responders Are Responding

Your members can utilize the mobile app to display their status with the rest of the crews on the Status Board. The Status Board can be viewed within the app and also with our standalone Status Board software that can be loaded on a desktop computer.

Live Streaming Audio

From within the app, you can stream live audio of your department operations with a delay as short as 2 seconds. Contact us if you have a need to listen to more than one frequency.

We understand that you may operate on a different channel than you are paged on, or may switch to different channels based upon location of your call. We've also had departments request to have available to them their neighboring departments. We offer many options with this and in some cases we can do this immediately with no additional costs. In other cases, we may need to setup additional equipment or ask permission for access to neighboring departments audio streams.

Send Messages To Your Members

Utilizing our website, you can send "text" type of messages to your members. They can receive them via text message (SMS) or within their app as a text alert. Our customers tell us this is useful for meeting and event reminders. This is included free with all subscriptions.

Automated Redundancy System

Utilizing additional equipment at different locations allow Page My Cell to create an automated redundancy system for your department. This ensures that if one of the locations goes offline for any reason, we will automatically move to the second location for seamless operations. If you already have neighboring departments signed up with Page My Cell, this can often times be done with no additional costs.

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