Page My Cell - Fire and EMS Notification and Paging System

No Dispatch Involvement Necessary

Pages automatically are sent to your cell phone with no additional steps by dispatchers. The notification portion of the system can be 100% hands-free and fully automated.

Keeping It Simple

We make every attempt to make the system easy to use and operate. No technical knowledge required. We supply all of the equipment necessary.

Nebraska Based Company

The system was designed ground-up by firefighters from Nebraska. Page My Cell remains a true small business, and enjoys the flexibility to cater directly to our customer's needs.

Customer Service

All of our department contacts have direct access to the owners of the company. We enjoy hearing from our customers directly! No call centers or switchboards.

Our service is not intended to serve as a mission-critical replacement to pagers. However, we strive to ensure our services are as reliable as possible. We do this by:

  • Automated alerts notifying you if your computer goes offline.
  • Automated failover if one of our servers go down.
  • Multiple message servers available during times of high traffic.
  • Ability to hear your calls from multiple locations and computers.

With our network of computers across a geographical area, we have the ability to ensure you receive your alerts, even if the computer at your location goes out of service for any reason.